Monday, October 10, 2011

While I Was Out 10-10-11

So, it's been a week already. 

It started with me telling you about my wacky swan song.  To this day, I have no idea how that didn't work.  Then again, I am also flummoxed by fractions, pivot tables and cartwheels.  And the metric system?  Forget it.  It's like people are just making that shit up as they go along.

And then I told you all about the manic need for acceptance that turns me into Jimmy Durante.  Let's face it, any post in which I recount a toddleriffic pants-pooping episode really only proves the point of this entire blog, which is Hey! Pay attention to me!

I made two big changes that affect how you can interact with me.  The first is that I removed the whole "type this word" thing when you want to leave a comment.  I know that was a pain in the ever-lovin' ass, it just took me this long to figure out it was optional.  I hope this gets you to a-commentin'!

The second change is it's now easier for you to share my blog with others.  Below each post, there is now an adorable little icon that looks like an envelope with an arrow in it.  If you click on that, you'll hit a form that lets you share easily.  So give the gift of Andrea, won't you?  If not for you, think of the children.

But while I wasn't entertaining you, being a Marketing Genius, or entreating The Boy to buy Lion King theater tickets (4th row, baby!), I stayed pretty busy.  Here's some stuff I loved last week:

Remember when you were five and woke up FULL OF AWESOME every day?  Buy one of these tshirts for your girl kid!  (I bought two-- one for me and one for my bestie-- not realizing they were kid sizes.  Yep, I woke up full of awesome that day!)

Two of my most favorite things in the world in one commerical:  Pistachios and... the Honey Badger.  Guess who's not eating cobra this week? 

I totally want to live in this house.  I don't even care where it is.  Do you think the dusting would be an issue (for my maid)?

Click here to learn why my new mantra is "Save a pretzel for the gas jets."  You gotta love a politician this inspirational!

And finally...this lil guy just reminded me so much of Boo (one of Derek's dogs)...both in looks and sentiment:

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  1. I'm totally commenting!!

  2. Wouldn't you be claustrophobic in a cave?

  3. someone woke up with some major full of awesome when they wrote this