Tuesday, October 25, 2011

While I Was Out 10-25-11

So, it's been a week + 1 day already.  Sue me, I'm tardy with my wrap-up.

When you're in a relationship, I think it's possible to have separate interests-- as long as you communicate well.  For instance, here's an actual Instant Message conversation between me and The Boy from last night:

Derek:  Hmmm...maybe I need to watercool my PC.

Andrea:  ?

Derek:  It's a super-nerd thing.

Andrea:  And so clearly I know nothing about it.

Derek:  Instead of using fans and air to cool your CPU, you put a radiator and water pump in your PC to  cool it the same way you cool your car.

Andrea:  Sounds...um... overwrought.

Derek:  That's kind of the point.  It's like when guys put big engines and paint flames on their car
  ...but the nerd version of that.

Andrea:  (going thru the mail) Ooooo-- the White House Black Market Catalog arrived!

Derek:  (silence)

Andrea:  Yay!  Patterned tights are in again this year.    I love being "on trend."

Derek:  Yeah, um...I don't have any idea what you're talking about.

Andrea:  It's like when a guy paints flames on his car.

Derek:  Ah.

Okay, so I'll admit it:  This week, the posting was slim.

I started the week by telling you all about the stalker I cultivated last Fall through match.com.

I then admitted I obsess over previous posts and felt compelled to update the one on my stalker to explain how I killed Uncle Marty.

I'd also like to go on record with the following statement:  I do know that if Freddie is an actual shut-in and his Uncle Marty did in fact pass away, I'm a complete and total shit.

Okay, with my conscience now clear, I can move on.

So when I wasn't entertaining you with yet another really uncomfortable dating situation, being a Marketing Genius, or educating The Boy on women's hosiery fads, I stayed pretty busy.  Here's some stuff I loved last week:

More from my beloved AT AT.

Please take a moment to color my underwear important.

Yet another reason I love Adele.

Afraid of spiders?  See one get his comeuppance.

I have more in common with this guy than just the way I look in my Forever Lazy.

I now have a pretty good idea what life was like for my big sister when we were growing up... although I probably wore a shirt.  Probably.

Happy Halloween, Google Plus!

And finally, Toast toasts toast.

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