Monday, October 17, 2011

While I Was Out 10-17-11

So, it's been a week already.

Have you ever had a conversation with someone on Ambien?  If you ever get the chance, totally do it.  I once had a 15 minute chat with my Ambien-grooving ex about the Dream Police.  No, not the Cheap Trick song-- the actual Dream Police.  I taunted him with this for years. 

Well last night, it was my turn.  The Boy decided he wanted to talk to Andrien (that's me on Ambien) and in an effort to see how out-of-it I was, he asked me "Do you know who I am?"  I apparently smiled and said "Yes. You're my husband."

Oh yes. Yes, I did.

He laughed and said "No I'm not."  And I said "Not yet.  But you will be."

Don't you wish you were this cool?

So this week I started off by admitting that I couldn't Find the Funny but tried to anyway by comparing myself to Elizabeth Shue and sharing the weirdest movie scene of all time.

I then found the funny hiding in the unintentional erotic language of football.  Illegal use of hands!  Roughing the passer! 

And finally this week I showed off my fancy college education by criticizing television commercials.  To be fair, I think it's a feat of writing that I worked the word "Hoohah" into that post 6 times.  I almost can't stop saying it now, which will likely become an HR issue for me at some point.

But when I wasn't entertaining you, being a Marketing Genius, or celebrating my 6 month anniversary with The Boy by telling him that he's going to marry me, I stayed pretty busy.  Here's some stuff I loved last week:

Now that we've all been waking up Full of Awesome, it's time to start our Daily Affirmations like 4-year old Jessica.  I can do anything good!  On a side note, her dance moves are better than mine.

Poor thing doesn't understand yet that her curls aren't her friends.

Yeah... I'm gonna need you to go ahead and-uh work late tonight.  I am Business Cat!

I seriously almost peed my pants over the whippet dressed like a Star Wars AT-AT Walker.  Do yourself a favor and scroll all the way to the end to see two bonus photos of this hapless creature.

You know it's love when you do your imitation of a "Guy on a Buffalo" naked in the hot tub and your boyfriend not only cannot stop laughing but still inexplicably finds you attractive.

Hey wolf, I've got something for you... it's a kick from a buffalo!

Interested in pursuing a menage-a-trois, but not sure how to invite your third?  Have I got the greeting card for you!

6 degrees indeed.  I love Bacon. 

And finally, I'm not sure when they start with the cookie-selling, but I'd suggest you buy a box.  Perhaps several.

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