Saturday, November 5, 2011

Woman's Best Friend

Sometimes I feel badly about the way I look...and this line of thinking leads me strange places:
  • Had I been born with straight hair, my life would be wildly different.
  • Had I been born without the fat gene, I'd have my own TV show.
  • Had my maiden name been almost anything other than "Ogg," I would've been the Prom Queen.
And sometimes when I think these things I share them with Jackson because talking to my dog makes sense to me.

Today, Jackson spoke back and it made everything better.  He said:

Mommy, if you had been a straight-haired, thin prom queen with a normal last name that didn't rhyme with unfortunate barnyard animals, I'd never get to see you because you'd be out on the town always being fabulous and I'm a mountain dog and wouldn't want to live in L.A. or Paris or New York.  And I don't know where those places are so how would I find you? If you weren't you, right now we'd be jetting to Europe except you'd be unable to take me because I'm too big to be carried in a purse unless it was a really, really big purse and I know you don't like really big purses and I'd miss you an awful, awful lot while you were gone.

I really love that dog. Even if he speaks in run-on sentences, pees on stuff, and sheds 2 to 3 pounds of hair per day.

Thank you, Jackson. Mommy loves you too.

The little hairy love of my life.